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Back in the day…

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people say “back in the day.” Knowing exactly, or somewhat, what back in the day means I am happy to be living in the day. Perhaps the onset of middle age, although … Continue reading

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the bonk

In endurance sports such as cycling and running, hitting the wall or the bonk describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy. Yesterday we set out on a four hour ride through the spectacular surroundings of Banff … Continue reading

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Input: (inpt) n. 1. Something put into a system or expended in its operation to achieve output or a result Having a professional life in the food and wine industry can make moving forward athletically difficult to say the least. At some point you … Continue reading

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Process: n. pl. proc·ess·es (prssz, prss-, prs-sz, prs-) A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result. I’ll admit that this has been a great year personally, but it wasn’t without its share of ups and downs. It started seemingly down with my … Continue reading

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