Supplements 🤔

When I met with my oncologist last Summer I was told to bring a list of all the supplements that I take and what was interesting to find out was that basically you cannot take any supplements when you’re going through chemotherapy and radiation as they can negate the positive outcomes of the adjuvant treatment. The main concern is with vitamin C, antioxidants and anything related to mushrooms that could affect the liver. Being concerned that I would not get enough nutrients my oncologist said “just eat normal food and balance the diet.” At the time that was a bit of a shock to me considering that I was used to consuming the stupid amounts of nutritional supplements for cycling and training in general.

During that first round of treatments back in September I went vegan and I drank a lot of homemade carrot juice. Each week my blood got tested and over the course of those treatments some of my immune markers improved after initially tanking in week two but on balance I was eating a very good diet and when you’re getting your blood tested weekly you’re able to see that as well. After a few months I had to agree with the comment about eating whole foods. My friend Noelle also made a very good case for plant based foods during treatments and she was right.

Anyway, after almost 6 months of not taking any supplements I have come to the conclusion that the supplement industry is a bit of a scam and we waste a lot of money on it. Going forward I could see using a basic drink mix like scratch labs but for everything else I’ll make it myself. I think a lot of athletes, especially endurance athletes, put a lot of crap in their body and too much sugar, too many supplements and over the long course eventually this will affect you in a negative way in my opinion.

Thanks for reading and keep on moving!🏋🏻‍♀️🚴‍♂️💪🤛


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