Moving on to 2018

“I’m starin’ through my rear view, doin’ ’bout 90
The pedal to the metal, so I can’t see what’s behind me”
(yes I listen to Tupac)

In many ways I don’t want to look back on 2017 and share and brag about all the awesome things we did and achieved but it’s a year that will always be top of mind no matter what. 2017 was a pivot year. Diagnosed with a later stage cancer was not the epic experience I was looking for. Cancer is horrible and at the same time it has been enlightening. Cancer brings people close to you and also pushes people away. In my case I am very thankful to have had, and have, the support of my family, business partner, friends, community and employees. I’m 2/3 of the way through treatment with one more round to go. Prognosis is good.

We had a lot of excitement (good and bad) this year but I am looking forward to a little less in 2018.

Thanks for following and happy New Year.


ok, for the record… some highlights from 2017

Finally making the podium for a road race this year and the day before diagnosis!

















Looking better than I did the day before! Postop recovery

Amazing trip to Portland with Wendy and Kevin

Best 50th ever

Lots of bonding time with my big brother this year.

Completing six weeks of chemo-radiation therapy

My community support group! All these people came together to support our family!

Watching Misty race her first TT!

banging off some serious spring miles in Mexico



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