You still have a couple of years left…

While one light begins to shine brighter the other begins to fade. I’ll come back to that later.

This past year my friend Jeff mentioned, off the cuff of course, “you still have a few more years left to improve.” He was referring to the ability to get better as a cyclist as we start to push the darker side of the 40’s. I took Jeff’s comment to heart heading into the off-season and for my planning.

Bike racing is really hard. Actually, bike racing is really frigging hard, full stop. There is a chance that we will start having masters category races in Alberta but for now the old diesel engines have to line up with some highly tuned 4 cylinders. That said, I am approaching the season with a better tool kit. A few things have been missing in it for the last few years, namely a proper plan, investment in a dedicated coach, a nutrition map, and some lifestyle changes (code for less wine). I have noticed the crow feet around my eyes getting more pronounced and I will embrace the extra character on my face as I stare down my fellow competitors. I have targeted a few races as A races but most races will be riding support for the team as best I can. I dropped out of Cat 2 to ride with our juniors and this year I will go back to Cat 2 to ride for the team. There is some fun thrown in for good measure with some track racing and maybe I will go out in the fall and make a fool out of myself in some select cyclo-cross races. For some reason I tend to crash a lot when my bike leaves the tarmac and hits dirt and grass.

Having finally recovered from a hard crash in Mexico a few months ago we are now six weeks into the 2016 program plan and everything looks good so far. Cadence is improving, prescribed intervals are being completed as planned. Fatigue is more pronounced but that’s part of the process and the odd ice bath, massage and acupuncture helps.

As for that shining light.. well I am starting to plan for the day that our daughter takes up competitive sports. Cycling is selfish and takes a lot of time away from family and that’s time that can’t be recovered.

_DSC9613 (1) (2)

Riding with my daughter in a little critters race last summer

Lets move!




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