Family Form + The Child’s Eye

Over the past few years I have written posts about finding form and I my original intention was to reflect on a personal journey of fitness and health. Periodically I have touched on family but I’m not sure if I have really addressed what form is or how we can define it. We can’t always be happy and some days are very challenging but if we can take a moment and recap what we do as a family and how our children filter those experiences we will have a pretty good barometer of family form and emotional health.

Positive emotional health really is the be-all and end-all of life. Last night my family came to visit me at work and as I work evenings it is a special treat to squeeze in some extra family time with a dinner visit. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” and working nights isn’t the easiest for helping to raise a daughter and nurture a family but we manage to make it work as best we can. My wife works very hard to make it all stick and structure and planned time helps backfill the week and makes sure that we are doing what we need to do as well as doing things that we enjoy together.

Anyway, last night Alison drew a picture of us riding together that really hit home for me personally about growing up and having experiences that will help shape her future. As a family if we make sure that we do something together every week then we are on the right track to encouraging a strong bond and love. If a child can happily reflect on the times they spent living and experiencing adventures with their parents then I think we are “finding family form.” Alison helped save money to buy a “wehoo” and she even built it with me when it arrived. She loves riding it with me and it’s quite a bit of fun to share the road together. The picture below is her latest version of riding the weehoo.


This is the what it looks like in real life!IMG_1528

I heard an interview the other day asking the guest to tell the interviewer what their favourite early childhood memory was. When I put the question to myself I was pressed to dig that far back but in the end it would be the times that we, as a family, and when my family was together, spent time going to lakes in and around Edmonton and exploring country roads and watching airplanes take off at Edmonton International with my Father on Sundays and the annual stay-cation at Lake Eden that my mom would arrange.  AIn latter teen years  my memories revolve around times spent with my brothers and some of the amazing trips I did with my oldest brother Keith but that is another story.

Be happy and be healthy!












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