The Powerline-Highline Whammy

This is a great run!

Canmore Runner

This is the second trail running route post. It’s a variation on the previous one described in Hello Highline, a speedy, undulating and relatively short 6.5km round trip starting and ending at Quarry Lake, just outside of town. The Powerline-Highline Whammy also starts and ends in Quarry Lake. However, it covers an altogether more challenging 18.5km with 600m plus of elevation which looks like this on Garmin Connect:

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 19.57.29

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 19.58.04On the bright side, it has a more gentle beginning than Hello Highline. The first five kilometres along the Powerline Trail and on to Three Sisters Village are relatively gentle and offer spectacular views of the Three Sisters and Mount Lawrence Grassi. After that, it all becomes a little more challenging with a roughly (and at times rough) 2km climb up through the trees and the lower portion of the Highline.

But it’s well worth it because before long you’ll be tearing along…

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