Keith G. Kendal 7 July 1929 – 9 August 2014

“Oh great ocean
Oh great sea
Run to the ocean
Run to the sea”

One Tree Hill, U2

Today my Father passed away. I have not written much in the past year but the news of his passing was expected as he had been fighting illness for the last decade. I am grateful that my brother Keith was able to take care of my Dad and that he had him close over the past few years. The song “One Tree Hill” is a beautiful song and I thought of it this morning when I learned about my father.

Reflecting on my Dad’s life and our relationship reminds me again that family defines us. We were not a perfect family but time spent together was always special. My father never got hung up on the past and over these last few years he was very dear and he was happy to be with his sons.


My favorite memories will be our Sunday road trips as a child, his support when I was racing my bike as a teenager and eating ice cream cones with him in Penticton during my brother’s Iron Man attempt. My Dad was a tough man and never shared many emotions but with age he showed grace and he loved us.

My father always had that hero status for me and I was quick to tell new friends growing up about his stint as a pro football player. He played in the Grey Cup in 1950. Player #71.


I will miss you Dad and with you gone I will stand up for you and be a great father, I will stay close with my brothers and I will take care of my family.


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4 Responses to Keith G. Kendal 7 July 1929 – 9 August 2014

  1. Angela McManus says:

    Thinking of you. Now I know where your athletic focus comes from. Your Dad, like his son, rather handsome too. Hugs. Will keep you and your family in my thoughts, prayers., Angela

  2. Colleen kendal says:

    My thoughts are with you James, Keith, and Jason. I know what you’re going though.
    Colleen Kendal

  3. Keith says:

    So sorry to hear of Uncle Keiths passing our thoughts and prayers are with you..Keith and Karen.

  4. bryon says:

    A fine man – like his son.
    Terrific blog.

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