What’s next?

Off the bike I’ve been asking, asking myself what’s next.  Training for cycling has been a great process and tool in finding form, fitness and confidence and, most importantly, it’s brought back some passion. Outside of family I found myself falling flat after many years in hospitality. One long reach for the top and when we get there we find ourselves asking what’s next? New career position, new town, bigger salary?

In a reversal of that process of upward change I’ve been thinking more of what’s best rather than what’s next. Family is most important; cycling and community is essential  and now, most importantly, continuity.

As I was racing up and down paved fire-roads in Oregon several months ago I thought a lot about our family, Misty and Alison. I got side swiped with a flu after just getting over a two week cold but decided that I had to race anyway which wasn’t the smartest move. Unfortunately, when you’re not doing great you can get down on yourself and start asking yourself why am I doing this? Ironically a state of poor form from fatigue and training, then trying to race through it, is a good way to force yourself to dig and ask some tough questions. Cycling is a selfish endeavor and requires a lot of time to train and race. Time that could be spent with family but the opportunity to achieve is fleeting and won’t last, especially after 40. All this can lead to a snafu. Scale the expectations and get in to balance. I was left with that last thought on the way home from Mount Hood.


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One Response to What’s next?

  1. Good post James! Keep the fires burning buddy! Myself I am working on a book right now about my travels and stuff. Gotta do something right? Take care and your family too.

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