Back in the day…

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people say “back in the day.” Knowing exactly, or somewhat, what back in the day means I am happy to be living in the day. Perhaps the onset of middle age, although I look and feel a lot younger than most 40 + year olds, is driving me further and further away from succumbing to what every-man will eventually face when we live our future through a historic looking glass. The harder I train the less I talk about the past glory days which were unrequited for me anyway. Never able to live up and follow through on youthful success I am grateful for where I am now with my sporting life.

The RMCC Crew leading the peleton (I’m third from right)

This past week I put in a very hard effort to gain additional fitness in a lead up to three weeks of stage racing. After VeloCity I was sick and lost some form but after recovering I decided to crash train before a taper leading in to the Mount Hood Cycling Classic which is followed by two stage races. The week started off with the Provincial Road Race Championships which was my first race after being upgraded.  The morning of the race I thought back to the last time I raced provincials which was too long ago. Twenty Five years. I won that race by a large margin and I thought about that too as I lined up for the start. The difference today was that I knew it was not my day and that I had to make up for some lost training. Today would be a day to suffer and work for the team.

In the end our team won with well executed moves in the final lap. We had two contenders and one sprinter in reserve. One of our riders was most likely marked from winning the road race at Velocity but the two of us worked to close a break, launch Chris in a winning move then control the race. With the help of another team we were successful. It was a great day and after crossing the line I was able to actually be happy to say that my form is getting close to what I had “back in the day.”

I achieved my main goal of getting upgraded to Category Three, I’ve been on the podium a few times but now I want to exceed what I did in the past. I look to the time trials for that comparison and the ability to be a good team mate and help the group succeed.

Thanks for reading and please share your experiences.

Lets move!

p.s. the next Kendal generation is getting a big head start on training!

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