2012 is built on 2011

For the past two weeks I have been reflecting on 2011 and thinking forward to 2012. Christmas and New Years were loads of fun with family and the indulgence was kept to a minimum or 2.2 pounds to be exact. With the lack of gluttony there was no need to think about resolutions through a post New Year’s hangover. In the first week of the New Year I was thinking about goals. Resolutions imply stopping something or changing debauched behaviours but why not set goals instead and create new regimes. Make a list of goals and see how many you can achieve and then use those achievements as a baseline for the following year, and besides, I kind of kicked a lot of bad habits anyway.

Not to contradict myself but looking back on 2011 I realized that I achieved a lot personally but I didn’t actually set any goals which make everything seem like a minutia of unconnected events. So now we connect the dots and distill all the things that happened in the previous year and backstop 2012 with those feats. To start I was able to accomplish an intense amount of physical activity due to one significant occurrence that was unplanned. The year changed dramatically in March when for a split moment, the walls came tumbling down and I found myself suddenly free from the tyranny of a desk and an employer that was downsizing. Package in hand I realized that I was just given an opportunity rather than a blow. My friend Gordon put it succinctly, you can be an athlete for the summer and two weeks later another friend invited me to go train in Nelson for three days and on day two he dragged my butt on an epic 180 km ride of endless climbing and descending; 2700 m of ascent to be exact. That ride was after doing hill repeats in the rain on the previous day. I can not remember the last time I rode for seven hours and we didn’t stop for lunch and espresso.

After the trip to Nelson I grasped the thought that I had a good shot of setting myself up for a decent cycling season. With no real training plan laid out I started to attempt to design a seasonal itinerary for riding but for the most part went week to week on modified riding schedules. By June the muscle memory was starting to come back, weight was dropping, results were coming in and I was having a lot of fun. In the end I landed up riding in twenty five races and for the most part I had a top ten result for every event (except Mt. Hood) and had some consistent top five placing. I landed up riding just shy of 10,000 km. I climbed almost 80,000 meters and I burned close to 210,000 calories. My 2011 results compared to 2010 were huge and I actually felt like a bike racer this past year. Well in reality I was a bike racer.

To establish my cycling goals for 2012 I will look back at the previous season and use my results as a guide but this year I will work with a trainer and coach and ride smarter and for the most part a little slower on non interval days. Cross training will be even more important over the coming months to build overall body strength and base conditioning.

So what are my goals for 2012? That will be another post as I work through them with my coach. What about personal goals? Well changing careers is top of the list and in the fall I started back in the wine business part time working with a wonderful local shop here in Canmore. In 2012 I am looking forward to establishing myself with a local agency and hoping to be able to maintain a residence in Canmore. Working with the Cellar Door has opened new “doors.”

That’s it for now.

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